The Bangladesh National Parliament has passed the Food Safety Act, 2013 on October 10, 2013 (after repealing and re-enacting the existing outdated laws in this regards) in order to make provisions for the establishment of an efficient, effective, scientifically based Authority and for regulating, through coordination, the activities relating to food production, import, processing, stockpiling, supplying, marketing and sales as well as to ensure the people’s right toward access to safe food through appropriate application of scientific processes and state of the art technology.

In order to meet the aspirations of the citizens of the country it was felt to be desirable to ensure their rights towards access to safe food for the protection of human health and life. Obligated by the citizens’ aspirations and being respectful towards the present government’s desire, the Bangladesh Food Safety Authority, which has been set up on February 2, 2015, is committed to make a united start with its full strength and unstinting efforts. The Authority whole-heartedly welcomes the all out support of all food control agencies, food business operators and people of the country towards the landmark goal of establishing a Modern and Technological Food Safety System in Bangladesh to contribute to the government’s Vision 2021.
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  • Mr. Mustak Hassan Md. Iftekhar, Chairman (BFSA), Ms. Majeda Begum, Member (BFSA), Prof Dr. Md. Iqbal Rouf Mamun, Member (BFSA), Md. Moinul Haque, Member (BFSA), Arun Kumar Malaker, Joint Secretary (MoF) & Md. Habibur Rahman, Ps to Minister of State (MoF) attended training on “Corporate Governance” during April 6-8, 2016 held in “Administrative staff college of India, Hyderabad”.
  • Ms Shaoli Sumon ndc, Add. Secretary (Planning & Development, MoF), Md Abu Abdullah, DG (BAB), Md. Hamidur Rahman, DG (DAE), Ajay Kumar Roy, DG (DLS), Prof. Dr. Md. Iqbal Rouf Mamun, Member (BFSA), Md. Moshiur Rahaman, Joint Chief (Planning Commission) & S.M. Amirul Islam, Director (BFSA) attended a study tour on “Food Safety Control-Implementation and Coordination” during Mar 14-21, 2016 held in Hong Kong & Indonesia.
  • Md. Moinul Haque, Member (BFSA), S. M. Amirul Islam, Director (BFSA) & Dr. Md. Khaled Hussain, Director (BFSA) attended training workshop on “Food Labeling & Nutrition SAARC” during Feb 29- Mar 4, 2016 held in Colombo, Srilanka.
  • Directors of BFSA (Dr. Md. Khaled Hussain, S. M. Amirul Islam, Md. Mahboob Alam, Md. Muklesur Rahman, Abu Sayeed Md. Noman ) attended the program on “Strategic Human Resource Management: Contemporary HR practices for HR leaders” during Feb 22-26, 2016 held in “Administrative staff college of India, Hyderabad”.
  • Professor Dr. Md. Abdul Malek, Member (BFSA), Professor Dr. Iqbal Rouf Mamun, Member(BFSA) & Md. Abdul Baten Miah, Secretary(BFSA) attended the program on “Coaching & Mentoring developing future leaders” during Feb 8-12, 2016 held in “Administrative staff college of India, Hyderabad”.

  • Workshop on “Food Safety Inspector’s program” held on 3 rd April 2016 at BIAM Auditorium
  • Technical working group workshop on Accreditation and Certification held on 27 April 2016
  • Workshop on Bangladesh Food Laboratories Conclave held on 22 nd February 2016
  • Workshop on Food Safety Risk Assessment: Enhancing Capacity for Science-Based Decisions held on 17-19 January 2016
  • Meeting with Hon'ble Minister, Hon'ble State Minister, Ministry of Food & BFSA, FAO, USAID held on 31 st August 2015
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